Meet Big Color Artist: Kevin Lahvic


Sunbeam and Moonshine


Ask a class of first graders if there are any artists in the room and they will all raise their hands. My hand’s still up.

My Art Is Inspired By…

The process of painting truly makes me happy, I am often told that viewing my work makes others feel happy. I suppose I am inspired by the universal quest for human happiness and sharing what I find.

My Current Working Method Is…

I tend to work on several painting, with a similar theme and in a variety of sizes, at the same time. I work on canvas and begin by building up textural layers with a variety of acrylic paints and mediums. During this phase I move from piece to piece painting a layer at a time. Once that acrylic stage is completed I finish the work with oils in varying degrees of translucency. In the final oil stage I focus on each individual painting and see it through until completion.

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