Meet Big Color Artist: Christine Sandvik


Born and raised in Rapid City, SD, Christie has had a lifelong love of all things in art, science, and nature. She has done art projects and experiments her whole life. As both a scientist and artist, she has a unique, experimental approach to art that gives her art an individual style and feel.

Christie began working with body prints in 2003. Initially an exercise in shapes and prints that she could make with her body, body prints became a symbol of her embracing her figure and shape. Making something beautiful with your body makes you embrace the perceived flaws.

Using only her body and hands to paint, she experiments with different methods of throwing, splashing, and dripping as well as different thicknesses and types of paint. These techniques allow Christie to give her abstract body prints additional form when desired.

As a lover of the water and former competitive swimmer, Christie wanted to integrate herself into a fish body print; the fish from the Los Pescados collection show this integration. These two completely different creatures share similar features, in somewhat comparable ratios, allowing Christie to integrate her face into that of the fish, her arms into fins, and her feet into the tail.

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