Meet Big Color Artist: George John Larson

Master Relaxer Silver
The piece is called, “Master Relaxer Silver”, and is acrylic on stretched canvas, 36″x48″.

Mostly self taught. I never intended to be an artist. It just became a necessity. I took one beginning painting class for therapy after I started getting chronic headaches. Doctors and self-medicating was not helping. What did I have to lose? I had not even taken art in high school.Creating art has given me positive goals for the future.

My Art is trying to capture the subliminal ironies and absurdities of events, words, and things, real or imagined. This is for my need of comprehension, and my need to create beauty with an alternate reality. To share this is also desired.

“Master Relaxer Silver”, is about my job as a construction worker. Some times materials for the job would be moved for no reason. It was discovered that the boss was doing this because it helped him relax. So to move something has become to relax. The forklift moves the most stuff. So it is the master relaxer.

I first paint the central figure in the piece, then the surrounding background. Then I outline the piece and add accents.