Meet Big Color Artist: Peyton Rack

Pink Zeppelins, 56"x64", Oil on canvas
Pink Zeppelins, 56″x64″, Oil on canvas

Peyton Rack is an artist living and working in Chicago. She is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her time as a student, she facilitated solo and group exhibits throughout the city. This past year, the Chicago gallery Art On Armitage represented her work in Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, which was published in the Exhibition Catalog. Her current painting and drawing practices include the invention of imagined realms derived from the aesthetics of every day objects. She is inspired by architecture, the cosmos, and the concept of the unknown.

The wild and powerful qualities of nature could not exist without its own tightly woven inner mechanisms. I am fascinated with the way that light changes the way that the human eye perceives color, and also by the way it can detect settle variations. Such a small amount is visible, but technology can be used to see X-Ray, ultraviolet, gamma, and infrared light in order to gain information about what cannot be seen.From my studies, I have also found that any color on the visual light spectrum will always appear different unless the light and surrounding colors remain the same. While light determines the intensity of a color I can plainly see, colors in Infrared are determined by heat. I am inspired by the disorienting colors that are produced via machines that can detect invisible light. These colors paired with the qualities of visible light–reflection and refraction—define structures that evoke the unknown.

Her current working method: oil on canvas, form invention, and color study.

Meet Big Color Artist: Beatriz E Ledesma

Ledesma_Pulling the String of Light

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work is spiritual, colorful, symbolic, and surreal. I am always curious to learn how the individual and collective unconscious will materialize in the work I’m doing.

My attention to painting is that of a focused researcher utilizing my inner dialogue and the connection with the world around me as the library from where to bring forward images. Over the past few years I’ve become more interested in refining my painting technique reflecting on deeper spiritual understanding of myself and others. I intent to challenge the viewer into a contemplative dialogue with the painting and be absorbed by its colors, images, and light.

My art is inspired by…dreams, mystical and spiritual practices. I experience my creative process as evolving movement and unfolding meditation. I am always curious to learn how my individual and collective unconscious will materialize in the work I’m doing.

My current working method is… I mostly work in series. My medium of choice is oils because of their sensual quality,  brightness and warmth that allows me to work on layers from dark to light.

Meet Big Color Artist: Shua

"Pope John Paul !!"  48*32, Acrylic Paint on canvas
“Pope John Paul !!” 48*32, Acrylic Paint on canvas

“Pope John Paul !!”  48*32, Acrylic Paint on canvas

Shua was born then banished from the state of Iowa for being too weird. As a child he took up the brush and has been punished for it ever since. Currently, he peacefully resides in Andersonville and hopes one day to own a dog. A labrador, if possible.

My work is inspired by fear, actually. Painting is the only thing I am good at and it’s so silly.

My current work method is to paint dozens of circles counter clockwise until I feel like I’m going nuts. Then I stop. Then I start painting.

Meet Big Color Artist: Geovani Galvez


I graduated from Morton College with an Associates in Fine Arts in 2014 and currently debating if I should go to art school. In the meantime, I am working at a retail store that allows me to practice my field, on my days off. I stay motivated by surrounding myself with intelligent and creative people that live in my community.

My art is inspired by the connection between  my up- bringing, my sexuality, and nature.

My current working method is taping a piece of printmaking paper on my bedroom wall and create spontaneous marks with any medium that is at hand. Also, I look through old work, and try to incorporate it to my new projects.

Meet Big Color Artist: Michael V. Paskvan

Skyline - Michael V. Paskvan

My name is Michael V. Paskvan. During the day, I am a practicing optometrist in the Chicago area, I have lived in Chicago my entire life. I have a passion for photographing images that are visually appealing and different. The primary focus and inspiration of my work is Chicago and its magnificent architecture. I look to capture unique moments and perspectives in my photographs of both Chicago and my world travels. I plan some of my Chicago photos weeks ahead of time, waiting for the perfect weather and the right moment. As an avid cyclist, I am constantly exploring unique locations throughout the city to capture my images. All of my images are taken with a professional camera, a Canon 1DX and are unedited. My website with full resolution images and a print store is,