Shift/Place: Christopher Breedlove – a Chicago Retrospective

Big Star by Christopher Breedlove

Join us as we bid farewell to Christopher Breedlove, an artist and community organizer who has called Chicago home for the past decade.

Christopher’s unique process blends natural elements such as found wood and screen-printing with the most (literally) cutting-edge laser technology, acrylic and metal to produce pieces that transcend genre and look like nothing else out there. His work can be everything from large scale interactive installation, heavy sculpture, delicate 3D art and fabric to intimate wall pieces. He references natural forms, sacred geometries and fractals, but also the form and function of the high tech tools used to create these shapes – Breedlove’s art trembles at the intersection of cyberpathy and nature-reverence.

Three years ago he travelled to Taiwan, where he created the Taixi Wind Temple sculpture at the TaiXi International Arts Festival. Last year he produced a group of amazing pieces called “Digital Seed” during a residency at IFL (Idea Fabrication Labs) in Chico, California. He has continued to evolve and expand his Human Avatar Project, a massive interactive projection installation that has become a fixture at the Electric Forest festival. His work with Remixed Ink has been seen at private events around North America as well as at Envision, Infrasond, Symbiosis and Burning Man, and his designs have travelled around the world, landing everywhere from juice shops to art cars, streetcorners and galleries.

In addition to these diverse art endeavors, Christopher has worked with Burners Without Borders (BWB) to facilitate numerous community grant salons that have granted thousands of dollars for projects both in the U.S. and abroad.

Pen, Ink and Song
Pen, Ink and Song opening shot

This is the second time Pen, Ink & Song has been honored to show his art, and it’s a bittersweet occasion, as he is setting his sights on California this fall, to fill the role of Program Manager of BWB at the Burning Man Organization’s San Francisco headquarters. Still up view is Kevin Fair’s Guest-check swarm, and the rest of the labyrinthine Flatiron Arts Building will be open for First Friday festivities surrounding the annual “Now You See It – Now You Don’t” temporary mural show. Come get lost! -PI&S

1579 N Milwaukee Ave, Studio #344, Chicago, IL 60622 / Oct 2nd, 7-11PM

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