Opening Tomorrow Night: Kurt Kramer’s New Work!


Who: Photographer Kurt Kramer has made photographs with artistic intent for more than 47 years. For the last 7 years he has shown his work in the Flat Iron Building. In June 2014 he moved down from the 3rd floor into studio 227. His gallery there is one of the most professional-looking and beautiful spaces in the building.

A resident of the Bucktown/Wicker Park area, Kurt can often be seen taking pictures right here in the six-corners area. And many of those local photographs are on exhibit in his gallery. But what photographer doesn’t like to travel? Since 2008, he’s participated in photo-workshops in Scotland, Havana, and just earlier this summer on the Adriatic Coast, visiting the former-Yugoslavia countries of Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro.

What: For our October 2nd First Friday Kurt will be featuring his photography from the Adriatic Coast, and maybe a few from a recent weekend in Quebec City. Expect to see scenes of natural beauty, ancient structures, and some of the people-punctuated scenes in the built environment, not unlike those he’s been capturing here in Chicago recently.

Where: Studio 227 is back in the corner of the building, reached by taking several left turns through the Flat Iron’s infamous maze-like hallways. But keep looking until you find him. It will be worth the search.

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