Opening Saturday: The ReUp

The Re-Up and Art of Chi are joining forces to bring you an Instagram Edition Gallery on Saturday, February 27, from 6-10p, at the Flat Iron Arts Building, 1579 N Milwuakee Avenue studio 343. It’s going to be #EPIC#FREE.

For those who need to #stayintheknow, you are cordially invited to attend an exclusive, RSVP gallery gathering, from 3-6pm. Your $5 donation gives you personal access to selected artists, seminars by featured photographers, and an opportunity to #WIN! an autographed, limited edition photo print.

Featuring Artist: @memofilms @r34dbooks @deftony83 @phives @valeriebriee @gh_chapman @joselivinup @lucioprestigephoto @noelamadeus @razdood @rrphotograph @witness_x @postcitizen @ill.koncept

RSVP for Gallery Gathering via

** Please include full name in payment notes

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