First Friday at the Flat Iron, Marci Rubin Exhibiting at Pen, Ink and Song.

12921092_240958576255170_1946666982_nMarci Rubin is exhibiting this First Friday May 6th (6pm to 10pm) and Saturday 7th (12pm to 5pm) at Pen, Ink and Song, Studio 344, Flat Iron Arts Building, Chicago.

Artist Statement: My process of direct printmaking on paper with fruit and ink led me to discover a basic, raw, and primary nature of creating work. Working with fruit as a material evoked questions regarding the origins of biological cycles and phases. Utilizing fruits such as limes, grapefruits, tomatoes, apples, bananas, berries or peaches as a material source captures the essence of the fruited body and transforms them into narratives of cellular cycles, phases, or generation. These works are a direct documentation of the lime, grapefruit, tomato, apple, banana, berry, and peach as symbols of a cellular structure and system. More specifically through printmaking, I am investigating my relationship with the structures and systems of the body such as skin, cells, organs, digestion, reproduction, etc…

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Opening Saturday: The ReUp

The Re-Up and Art of Chi are joining forces to bring you an Instagram Edition Gallery on Saturday, February 27, from 6-10p, at the Flat Iron Arts Building, 1579 N Milwuakee Avenue studio 343. It’s going to be #EPIC#FREE.

For those who need to #stayintheknow, you are cordially invited to attend an exclusive, RSVP gallery gathering, from 3-6pm. Your $5 donation gives you personal access to selected artists, seminars by featured photographers, and an opportunity to #WIN! an autographed, limited edition photo print.

Featuring Artist: @memofilms @r34dbooks @deftony83 @phives @valeriebriee @gh_chapman @joselivinup @lucioprestigephoto @noelamadeus @razdood @rrphotograph @witness_x @postcitizen @ill.koncept

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Opening Friday: Size Matters



Size matters.

We all pretend  it doesn’t but size matters. This isn’t about anatomy; it is about space. Who has the room to hang a gigantic painting or photograph? Most of us live in fairly small places and we need small art.

To this end and StudioLab present “Size Matters.” The show opens Friday, February 26 and runs until Sunday February 28 at the Flatiron Building (1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. #220, Chicago). An online version of the show runs from Monday, February 29 until March 16, 2016 via The opening reception takes place Friday, February 26 from 6 p.m. until everyone wanders off.

All the art in this show is the size of a legal U.S. postcard. Pieces are rectangular, at least 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long  and no more than 4-1/4 inches high by 6 inches long. We are making some allowances for pieces that are three dimensional. Art comes from painters, photographers, video and mixed-media artists. Artists come from all over the USA (and one from Mexico). At the bottom of the release are links to artist websites. Artists are charged no fees and get the total amount of any piece sold in person or online (processing fees for credit cards and shipping are added to the cost).
Artists set to appear (we may add some); Gabriel Martinez (Philadelphia), John Airo (Chicago), Renee McGinnis (Chicago),Samantha Eden Oakey (Miami), Gretchen Hasse (Chicago), Kimberly Fitzgerald (San Diego),  Elyse Martin (Chicago), Brett Manning (Indiana), Joe Wallace (Chicago), Manzana Oscura (Mexico City) Areli Leon (Chicago) and Tim Larson (Chicago).

Also opening: David Downs at Friday Night Wall





“I recently found it necessary to reduce the imagery in my paintings to ambiguous forms, or soft fields of color and light. I began painting complete abstraction because I felt objects and people, that are easy to identify and associate with, would too often usurp the meaning of a work. I’m not interested in glorifying a particular thing, or promoting a process, or demonstrate painterly skill; just expressing “basic human emotions,” as once described by Mark Rothko, through the relationships of color and placement. I see my recent works as an exploration of feelings rather than a statement about them. The paintings are meant to evoke the subconscious where meaning will ultimately be derived from the id of the viewer.” – David Downs

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