Meet Coyote Artist Jennifer Cronin!

Untitled #1 (Customer Service) by Jennifer Cronin
Untitled #1 (Customer Service) by Jennifer Cronin

Artist Biography

Jennifer Cronin is a Chicago-based artist, born and raised in Oak Lawn, Illinois. She attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a dual BFA in painting and art education. As the capstone of her education, she studied painting at Camberwell College of Art in London, completing her education in 2009. Since graduating, Cronin has become known for combining an uncanny realism with psychological depth to create large paintings that capture extraordinary encounters amidst the backdrop of ordinary, everyday life. Currently, Cronin is working on a series of drawings documenting foreclosed homes in Chicago. These houses, once filled with life and warmth, are shown as striking shadows of their former selves both stark and stunning in their detail and mood.

" What was Once a Home (South Winchester Avenue), by Jennifer Cronin
” What was Once a Home (South Winchester Avenue), by Jennifer Cronin

Cronin has exhibited widely in the Chicago area, as well as nationally and internationally. She has had solo exhibitions at 33 Contemporary Gallery and Elephant Room Gallery, among other galleries. She has been featured in many publications, including New American Paintings, and has earned numerous awards for her work, including Best in Show at the Buchanan Center for the Arts show America: Now and Here juried by Eric Fischl. She continues to work in her artist studio in Chicago.

Untitled by Jennifer Cronin
Untitled by Jennifer Cronin

Artist Statement

Wandering. Looking for something to follow. Hoping to find a hint of something that is genuine and true. In my early work, it is a playful tale of imagination weaving itself throughout my daily life. It is a dream that has taken grip in my consciousness and won’t let go. A wistful yearning for something more. A quiet reflection on the mystery of the everyday. The brilliance and beauty that can be lost if you don’t try to catch it.

Untitled #5 (Customer Service) by Jennifer Cronin
Untitled #5 (Customer Service) by Jennifer Cronin

As time has passed, I have turned my search outward. Searching for meaning in the lives of others and the surrounding world. Hoping that we can all connect through our lives lived, our sense of empathy, our individual stories, our hopes and aspirations, and our shared struggles and disappointments. Chasing after the mystery and complexity of our lives, and the fingerprints that we leave behind in this world.

What was Once a Home (South Carpenter Street), 13 x 24, Carbon pencil on tinted paper
What was Once a Home (South Carpenter Street), 13 x 24, Carbon pencil on tinted paper


And the winners are…

The winner of Big Color 2015, Paul Alexander.
The winner of Big Color 2015, Paul Alexander.

The winner of the 2015 Big Color contest was Paul Alexander. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Lonnie Edwards, our juror, for his time and effort in picking a winner from such great entrants.

The winner of the People’s Choice award was entry #7 by Francisco Magos. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and filled out a ballot for People’s Choice!

Meet Big Color Artist: Francisco Magos

"Le' Grand Doodle"...4ft.x8ft.x4in....oil and acrylic(mixed-media)
“Le’ Grand Doodle”…4ft.x8ft.x4in….oil and acrylic(mixed-media)

Francisco Magos is a Chicago based artist who is currently focused on color,and lots of it. Most of his time is spent creating art of many mediums that have been put in front of him, such as oil,acrylic,watercolor, ink,ceramics,sculptures on various items(traditional and non- traditional) canvas,wood panels, books,and found objects. All of Francisco’s art is inspired by his ex-fast paced way of life. In that life, colors were vivid and so were the troubles. His current working method mainly consists of spray painting on anything he can get his hands on.

Meet Big Color Artist: Joseph Church

Joseph Church, "Cave-In", oil on canvas, 55 x 27
Joseph Church, “Cave-In”, oil on canvas, 55 x 27

Joseph Church received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He works as a freelance preparator and art installer in Chicago.

The paintings in this series of work are very much planned out and designed. Most of my artistic decisions involving color, shape and composition are made and finalized early on in my process. The paintings are crisp and linear with large areas of flat color saturating the entire canvas. Each line is carefully hand drawn and each shape is carved out by the line. The deliberate and precise style in which I work makes my imagery appear as if it has been programmed or machined.

Meet Big Color Artist: George John Larson

Master Relaxer Silver
The piece is called, “Master Relaxer Silver”, and is acrylic on stretched canvas, 36″x48″.

Mostly self taught. I never intended to be an artist. It just became a necessity. I took one beginning painting class for therapy after I started getting chronic headaches. Doctors and self-medicating was not helping. What did I have to lose? I had not even taken art in high school.Creating art has given me positive goals for the future.

My Art is trying to capture the subliminal ironies and absurdities of events, words, and things, real or imagined. This is for my need of comprehension, and my need to create beauty with an alternate reality. To share this is also desired.

“Master Relaxer Silver”, is about my job as a construction worker. Some times materials for the job would be moved for no reason. It was discovered that the boss was doing this because it helped him relax. So to move something has become to relax. The forklift moves the most stuff. So it is the master relaxer.

I first paint the central figure in the piece, then the surrounding background. Then I outline the piece and add accents.